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Bond Purchase Instructions

To purchase bonds please follow the instructions below:

Bonds are available to individuals and corporations or for the purpose of SIPP’s via trustees and other appropriate pension structures, involving trustees, nominees and/or administrators (“trustee”). If you wish to make a bond purchase for incorporation within a SIPP, a personal portfolio bond or other instrument that involves a trustee, please contact your trustee or IFA to assist in making such a purchase. We cannot give pension or financial advice

Purchases if an


  1. Complete the Bond Purchase Form on Page 25 to 26 of the brochure. (do not complete the sections “Corporate Application” or “Trustee Application”).
  2. Read the Notices on Page 2 to 3 of the brochure carefully.
  3. Read the Company Membership and Bond Purchase Agreement on Pages 27 to 29 of the brochure.
  4. If you are happy and eligible to proceed, sign and date in acceptance of the Bond Purchase Agreement at the bottom of the Bond Purchase Form, along with the other requirements.
  5. Please make payment by electronic bank transfer, remit the requisite amount of money to the bank details as provided on Page 28 of the brochure. We do not accept cheques or drafts.
  6. For purposes of identification and anti-money laundering regulations, prepare a copy of valid photo identification (passport, or drivers licence or national identification card) along with a utility bill or bank statement showing your permanent address dated within the last 3 months.
  7. If you are making this application through either an IFA or introductory source, provide the completed Bond Purchase Form to them along with your confirmation of payment, and identification as per item 6. above. If you are making your purchase directly, please send the same documents to the email or address as detailed at the bottom of this page.
  8. Your purchase will be processed within one business day of receipt of all items. You will be notified by email (if you do not have email, you will be notified by mail) once your membership and bonds have been issued. If we have any queries we will contact you by email or telephone within 1 business days of receipt of your purchase request.

Purchases if a


  1. Complete the Bond Purchase Form on Page 25 to 26 of the brochure (do not complete the sections "Individual Application" or "Trustee Application").

    i) If more than one director is required to engage an agreement of this nature, pass a resolution empowering the signatory of the Customer Information Form and provide along with all of the documents and items as referred to above in the "Purchases if an Individual" in the same manner and form as stated above with the following variations:

    ii) One full set of identification for each director (per point 6 in the "Purchase if an individual section") along with the same for each and every shareholder of 10% or more of the Corporation. If the Corporation is owned by further Corporations then the same for the ultimate shareholders along with a corporate 20 chart.

    iii) Copy of the Corporation's certificate of incorporation.

Purchases if a


  1. Complete the Bond Purchase Form on Page 25 to 26 of the brochure (do not complete the sections “Individual Application” or “Corporate Application”).

    If your client is an individual then: Provide the client identification information as laid out in section 6. of the Purchases if an ndividual section above.

    If your client is a corporation then: Provide the client identification information as laid out in section 2 (i and ii) of the Purchases if a corporation section above.


  2. Send all of the documentation to the address as stated below.

    If we have any questions or require identification information regarding yourselves we will contact you immediately upon receipt of the Bond Purchase submission.

    Trustees should only make payments by electronic bank transfer to the bank account details as laid out on Page 28 of the brochure. Confirmation of payment should be enclosed within the submission. Cheques and Drafts are not accepted.

For all Individuals, Corporations, Trustees, Introducers and IFAs

If you are sending documents directly to the Company, please ensure that all of the requisite components are complete.

  1. Payment has been made and a copy of the payment remittance advice is provided
  2. The Bond Purchase Form is correctly completed, signed, dated and enclosed.
  3. The requisite identification copies are enclosed.

You may submit purchases by email, mail or courier.

Email submissions may be made to:

If a submission is rejected for whatever reason and cannot be remedied, any purchase funds received will be returned either to the account they were paid from or by cheque to the originating drawer within 7 days.

If a submission is received and the offer is closed or oversubscribed any payments received will be returned in the same manner as the paragraph above.

Completed submissions for purchase if being sent by mail or courier to:

CGrowth Capital Bond Ltd
Purchase Department
3rd Floor
82 King Street
M2 4WQ
United Kingdom